Top 5 College Football Coaches Who Came From The NFL

There have been many talented college football coaches that came from the NFL. Many of these coaches through their hard work and dedication made a name for themselves as highly respected and recognized coaches.

Mike Zimmer is an American football coach that currently coaches the Minnesota Vikings. Previously, Zimmer held the position as defensive coordinator for the Falcons as well as the Bengals. In addition, Mike Zimmer also was defensive coordinator with the Dallas Cowboys for a time.

Mike Zimmer’s first coaching job was with the University of Missouri. After many years of hard work and success with different teams, Zimmer accepted his first Head Coaching position in 2014. In January 2014 Zimmer began his career as coach as the Minnesota Vikings. His many years experience and the fact that Zimmer came directly from the NFL made him qualified to coach the Vikings.

Bruce Arins is an American football coach who is now coaching the Arizona Cardinals. Arins was educated at Virginia Tech and he received NFL Honors as well as Coach of the year for recognition of his talent and efforts within the NFL.

Arins was previously offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 2012 Bruce Arins held a 9-3 record as head coach for the Colts. Arins has an successful playing career. Arins hard work and dedication earned him a great deal of respect within the NFL. At present, Bruce Arins is doing a fine job coaching the Arizona Cardinals.

Pete Carroll is a head coach as well as Executive Vice President of the Seattle Seahawks. Carroll had previously coached the New York Jets as well as the New England Patriots. Pete Carroll is one of the few coaches that won both Super Bowl and College National Championships. Pete Carroll is 65 years old and is one of the oldest coaches currently within the NFL.

In 2003 Pete Carroll had a remarkable 34 game winning streak. In addition, Carroll also had seven consecutive BCS Bowl appearances which is quite an accomplishment in itself. Carroll shows no sign of slowing down at this point.

Don Schula is a former professional football coach. Don Schula is best known for his playing and coaching skill. Schula was head coach for the Miami Dolphins. Due to Schula’s efforts the team was lead to two Super Bowl victories.

Previously Don Schula was named Sportsman of the Year in 1993 by Sports Illustrated. It appeared that Schula coached teams with strong defenses which served as a huge benefit. In 2010 a huge statue was dedicated in Don Schula’s honor. The statue was presented at the Hard Rock Stadium. Schula is deeply religious and attributes his success over the years to hard work and his faith in God.

George Halas was the founder of the National Football League’s Chicago Bears. George Halas was appropriately nicknamed “Papa Bear”. Halas was a player, coach owner and highly respected pioneer within the NFL.

In 1963 George Halas was formally inducted into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame. Halas received great recognition due to the fact that he was an original founder of the National Football League back which took place in the 1920’s.

After many great successes, Halas won his last Championship in 1963. George Halas won his 300th game in 1965. In 40 years Halas endured only six losing seasons which is huge victory for any player or coach. In addition, the Chicago Bears retired Number 7 in his honor.

George Halas’s final honor was in 2016 when he was inducted into the Engineering Hall of Fame. This was made possible by the University of Illinois- Urbana Campaign. Halas was also named one of the most influential sports figures within the NFL by Sports Illustrated in 1973.