Best College Football Coaches Who Have Been Fired

Top college football coaches who lost their jobs 

Football is a game that is played hard on the field and on the sidelines. Head coaches come and go and most of the time it’s for good reason. Percentages aren’t where they should be and owners feel the need to change things up. Most of the time everyone throughout the team is in agreement, but then there are times when no-one understands the firing of a coach, not even the players themselves.

Throughout the years there have been coaches that have been fired or forced to resign even though they are considered in the highest level of their coaching careers. They are the ones who have proven to know how to make their football team a winner by having high winning percentages and gaining the status of owning national and conferences trophies. Some have even given NFL players their starting careers and helped build them into the players they are today.

There are some college football coaches that stand out in most everyone minds as questionable firing or possible forced resigning. They were at one time considered some of the top coaches in the country, but yet they were let go. This action leaves many wondering what really goes on behind the scenes when it comes to the popular game.

One of those coaches is Phillip Fulmer, who was an outstanding coach for the University of Tennessee. His winning percentage throughout his team was 74.3%. They won several national and conference titles, and some players went on to join the NFL. Yet, that still wasn’t good enough and the major decision makers for the team let him go.

Another coach was Mark Richt. He was the coach for University of Georgia’s football team for over 15 years. During his time the team held a 76.7% winning percentage. He took his team to at 9 winning college bowls.

Texas is a big fan of football and when Mack Brown was forced to resign as Texas Longhorn coach, it shocked the fans throughout the state. The coach had at least 10 wins per season with the help of his team. The team went on to win national and conference titles while Brown was coach.

Florida state college football had a percentage of 76% in winnings and several NFL players came out of this college, but even that couldn’t save Bobby Bowdern and his coaching job.

Larry Coker was coach of a team that other teams feared in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The Miami Hurricanes had over an 80% percentage in winning games. Coker became another top head coach that was let go without a real understanding of why.

Penn state could possibly be the most memorable of having a coach that was forced to resign from his job. Joe Paterno was moved out due to the negative personal actions of one of his assistant coaches. The team had over 24 winning bowl games and had a winning percentage of over 74%. Even with that status, Joe Palerno and his job couldn’t be saved, due to the outcome of the negative actions of one of his coaches.

No matter what the reasons are for the firing of the above coaches, everyone is in agreement that at one time they were some of the finest coaches in the college football sector.